Be part of a group of people that love to fellowship with other people. Christmas caroling, dinners, birthday gatherings, and after service dinners enhance our affection towards one another.


We invite guest speakers to present the different thoughts of God. Come and hear what God has to say to you. You will be blessed at the words of edification, confort, and exhortation that these men of God speak.


Baby dedications, weddings, baby showers, and wedding showers are great events that need to be celebrated. These events are cherished by the families and the church.

Be Part of the Experiemce!

Pastor Randy and Coni Harrison

Pastor Randy and Coni Harrison have an extensive experience in pastoring and ministry. The Pastor and his wife attended Bible College in California. They have a walth of knowledge in Christian living Christian values. They were foster parents for sveral children showing love and affection to all that wre ein their care.

Assistant Pastor Frank and Regiba Ricketts

Assiatant Pastor Frank and Regina Ricketts have experience as Pastor, Sunday School Superintendent, Evangelist, and other functions in the church. Frank is a Viet-Nam Era veteran. Sister Regina has extensive service in the Sunday School field.